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Resolution 22:

Insurer Accountability When Prior Authorization Harms Patients

Resolution Commenting has closed.

All Resolutions 

Committee 1: (Resolutions 1-18)


#1 - Insurance Coverage for Substance Use Disorder


#2 - OSMA Membership Structure


#3 - Update of OSMA Bylaws to Include Representative Members from the Women Physician Section, Senior Physician Section, and International Medical Graduates Section on OSMA Council


#4 - Amending OSMA Constitution and Bylaws to Require Council to Solicit Section Feedback/Approval on Public Statements on State Ballot Measures


#5 - Improving Institutional Memory/Revising
OMSS Bylaws


#6 - AMA Delegation Attendance


#7 - Clarity in Advertising and Marketing


#8 - Cost of Living Payment Increases


#9 - Amending OSMA Resolution 15-2023 to Allow for Broader Abortion Advocacy


#10 - Protecting Access to Abortion for Patients using Teratogenic Medications


#11 - Transparency in Pregnancy Counseling


#12 - Making Ohio an Abortion Care Safe Haven


#13 - Improving Transparency of Parental Leave Policy in Graduate Medical Education


#14 - Ohio Medical School Suicide Education


#15 - Support for Parental Leave


#16 - Declaration of Health and Health Care as Human Rights


#17 - Support for Safe and Equitable Access to Voting


#18 - Reducing AI Bias in Healthcare


2024 OSMA Policy Sunset Report

Committee 2: (Resolutions 19-36)

#19 - Support for Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST)


#20 - Adult Immunization Registry


#21 - “Guarantee Issue” Protections for Traditional Medicare


#22 - Insurer Accountability When Prior Authorization Harms Patients


#23 - Eliminate Unnecessary Prior Authorization


#24 - Oversight of Health Insurance Companies

#25 - Opposing Take Back Payments

#26 - Advocating for 12-Month Continuous Medicaid Enrollment Periods to Improve Adult Health Outcomes in Ohio

#27 - Opposing Involuntary Surgeries on Intersex Youth and Infants

#28 - Opposition to Requirements for Gender-Based Treatment for Athletes

#29 - Firearm Safety for Civilians and Law Enforcement

#30 - Supporting Initiatives to Improve Evaluation, Physician Training, and Patient Guidance for Obesity Intervention

#31 - Supporting Programs and Policies to Address Disparities in Social Determinants of Health for Maternal and Infant Morbidity and Mortality in Ohio


#32 - Supporting Expanded Naloxone Availability and Training and Encouraging Mandated Access in Public Institutions 

#33 - Advocating for Expanded Access to Opioid Agonist Therapies with Associated Trained Medical Personnel in Rehabilitation Facilities

#34 - Encourage Marijuana Counseling and Harm Reduction

#35 - Increasing Awareness of Harmful Algal Bloom Toxicity

#36 - Support for Environmental Justice Initiatives

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