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Welcome to our Virtual Resolution Commenting!


Our pre open-hearing commenting process will be conducted here, starting February 28th. Please make your comments before March 14thPreliminary committee reports will be posted for comments by March 20th and will remain open for comment until April 4th at 11p.m.


Commenting Instructions:

  1. You must include your full name and an email with your comments.

  2. Please include whether the comment is from you, or on behalf of your district or section.

  3. All comments are moderated by OSMA staff, and commenting is limited to OSMA members.

  4. The commenting features do not support advanced text formatting such as strikethroughs and underlined text. If your comments include longer suggestions of alternate language where advanced text formatting is helpful, please email those comments to for inclusion in the final commenting report.

Committee 1: (Resolutions 1-18)
View Resolution Packet 1 >

Committee 2: (Resolutions 19-36)
View Resolution Packet 2 >

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